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OVER 400,000 Tetra Paks Saved from landfills

On Jun 3, 2020
The planet is in trouble, and we need to make changes ASAP.  
Businesses have the OPPORTUNITY to impact that change in a big way, especially food businesses (our food system contributes over 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions).
Here's how we at Goodmylk are doing our part by making decisions that are good for the planet: 

1) Better Packaging:  Those boxes (tetra paks) other plant-based milks come in need to go. Even though they tell you they're recyclable when you dig deeper you'll find they're incredibly difficult to recycle and most facilities actual aren't able to recycle them. They end up in landfills (or worse the ocean) where they live forever polluting our planet.  Each GOODMYLK Barista Blend packet is recyclable and cuts out the waste of FOUR tetra paks. So every time you support a Goodmylk cafe partner you're helping them reduce their waste (and helping the planet).  Thanks for helping us save over 400,000 tetra paks from going into landfills so far!

2) ONLY ORGANIC ingredients:  This is an important one for us, not only for the health of favorite humans (YOU) but for the health of our planet.  There's a long list of reasons, too long to explain here but non-organic almond farms and all non-organic crops KILL BEES, pollute our waterways, ruin our soil and pollute the air we breathe.  NO THANK YOU.  

3) Plant-based:  Overall plant-based generally means better for the planet.  Please do your research as this is not always the case, but for us it is!  We use 100% organic and plant- based ingredients in every one of our recipes.  We know you've heard almonds take a lot of water, and they do- but there's a lot more to that story.  Our HEMP MYLK is made from hemp (obvi) which is an incredibly sustainable and earth friendly plant- growing hemp actually has a positive impact on the environment.  Our hemp mylk tastes really great and is the perfect way to reduce your impact on the environment. 

There's a lot to dig into when it comes to food and its impact on the planet. We hope you'll take some time to do your research and form your own opinions.  But know, there's a cost to our food and food system.  With us you pay the cost upfront to know that you're doing something great for your body and the planet.  The hidden costs of non-organic, non-eco friendly, highly processed, mass produced foods is HUGE and one we as a society cannot afford to keep paying.