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You've never had oat milk like this before..

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Alt-Mylk Like Your
Mom Would Make

Uncompromising Quality
Organic, Real Food Ingredients
Outrageously Delicious

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The Goods

Almond Mylk

Homemade, creamy, pure and delicious, made with 100% whole organic almonds.


Super Oat Mylk

You've never had Oat Mylk like this before! Nutrient dense, clean ingredients, allergy friendly, creamy & delicious.


Hemp Mylk

Rich & delicious, one of the highest sources of plant-based protein.


We Don’t Take Shortcuts

  • 100% Whole organic almonds
  • 6x more almonds per container than bottled brands
  • 4 ingredients or less, 100% real food, no shortcuts
  • Zero processed sugars
  • Almonds paste instead of actual almonds
  • 2% or less almonds per container
  • Fake ingredients including canola oil, preservatives, binders & gums
  • Contains processed sugar

“ ...a caliber of ingredients that’s hard to find in shelf-stable or refrigerated varieties.. with no preservatives or gums.”

“This is hands down my favorite almond milk.”

“...using ingredients and production approaches that are the best for people.”

“Perhaps the new holy grail of plant based mylks.“

You Deserve This

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