Rebel Friday featuring the lovely Talia Goldstein @taliagolds, founder & president of Three Day Rule

On Oct 16, 2020

Talia Goldstein @taliagolds

Rebel Friday featuring the lovely Talia Goldstein @taliagolds, founder & president of Three Day Rule, an exclusive matchmaking company. Talia is
 true badass and we couldn't be more excited for you to meet her. Check out our interview below:

GM: What norm is your business breaking?
TG: The norm of matchmaking tends to be a mom and pop shop with a little black book (or a rolodex). We've found a way to scale that notion of personal touch into a tech-enabled, nationwide company that has the resources and reach of a larger company without losing the curated, small-scale personal touch of a smaller shop. Three Day Rule has changed how people meet today by taking away the stigma of matchmaking and making it feel cool and modern.

GM: What's your WHY?
TG: I live for matchmaking. I wake up every morning knowing my days at work count, and every phone call or meeting I take is ultimately getting someone closer to love. I adore helping people get out of their own way and find their person. Every client is unique and I'm grateful our team gets to be a part of their life -- whether they need a best friend, cheerleader, coach, or matchmaker in that moment in their dating journey. I wholeheartedly believe matchmaking is important work.

GM: What's your favorite rule to break on the reg?
TG: There's very little typical social etiquette with me. I love asking people about their love lives even when inappropriate. When I worked in advertising and TV, I would ask personal questions to the execs that everyone else was scared of. Today, I do the same thing. I attend serious business conferences and network my way around the room by asking if they're single. It tends to catch people by surprise, to say the least.

GM: What's a rule you've broken that you've never told anyone about?
TG: In my own dating life. I once went on a date and during the date, we decided that we would each steal something from the restaurant and in the car, show each other what we stole. I stole a pen and he stole a salt shaker. While we weren’t a match, we remained friends and then I matched him with his wife!  

GM: What's your advice for future rule-breakers?
TG: Break the rules to the point that you're comfortable. Push yourself to new limits, but always, always trust your gut.