Clean Beauty Guru: Kari Gran

On Mar 2, 2021
Kari Gran
Meet Kari, our Clean Beauty expert and the co-founder of Kari Gran. Their simple and clean skincare products are made without chemicals, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, chemical additives, toxins, preservatives, or synthetic fragrance - no wonder we love them!

GM: Dish on your company and mission in 1-2 sentences. 
KG: Skincare as simple as it should be.  Cleanse, hydrate, protect and go.
GM: What's your favorite product in your line? 
KG: I’d have to go with sunscreen.  
GM: What's one thing you can't leave the house without?  
KG: Sunscreen, I’ve become so steeped in the habit that if I forget, it feels like I’ve forgotten my cell phone!

GM: Number one beauty tip? 
KG: Sunscreen. Let’s change the conversation to focus on prevention vs. repair.

GM: What inspires you? 
KG: Kindess.

GM: Favorite Goodmylk product?
KG: Oat mylk, hands down.  

GM: Best quarantine purchase?
KG: I’ve been upping our takeout order game in order to support the small, local restaurants.  So, not one purchase in particular, but an ongoing commitment to eating local.

GM: Lotion or serums?
KG: Oil serums, no question.

GM: Which is more serious; your morning routine or night routine? 
KG: Morning, did I mention my love of sunscreen?

GM: Favorite female-founded brand? 
KG: Eileen Fisher. For over 35 she has been supporting the environment, human rights, initiatives for women and girls. Plus there’s an emphasis on timeless clothing designed with the future in mind and I think fast fashion’s days are numbered.

GM: Favorite female singer and song? (We’re creating a playlist!) 
KG: Missy Elliott Work It

GM: Favorite female lead movie?
KG: Legally Blonde. Talk about an inspiration. 
GM: What's one piece of advice you would give to other female entrepreneurs? 
KG: Reach out and ask for help whenever you need it, I have never, ever been let down.

Favorite Goodmylk recipe:
Oat milk
Organic cacao powder
Pinch of Himalayan pink salt
Optional: a spoonful of rose petal jam (this is a harder ingredient to locate) 
Heat oat mylk in a saucepan, add cacao, spices, salt and jam and blitz with the frother until foamy. 

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