Dipotassium Phosphate- “fairly safe”

On Nov 4, 2020

Dipotassium Phosphate- “fairly safe”

Dipotassium phosphate is an ingredient you’ll find in many boxed milks that gets little attention.  Sure, maybe it’s not as bad as Canola Oil or Glyphosate (at least for now) but it still doesn’t belong in something marketed as healthy. 

What is it? 

Dipotassium phosphate is a chemical compound commercially made by combining phosphate, phosphorus, and sodium. 

This results in a white powdery substance that easily dissolves in liquid and can be used as a fertilizer, food additive, or buffering agent.  

Why do food/alt-milk companies use it?

It’s used as an emulsifier, stabilizer, and texturizer. And in oat milk, specifically, it’s used as an acidity regulator to help the oat milk interact with coffee and also allow it to steam better.  

Why should you be concerned?

  1. It’s a man-made chemical substance.
  2. It has ZERO health benefits and overconsumption can actually lead to serious kidney issues.  
  3. Because of it’s over-abundance in foods, most Americans are getting too much phosphorus. The build up of this substance in the blood is not only linked to chronic kidney disease, but also a higher risk of heart disease, calcium deposits, hardening of the arteries in the heart, and a negative impact on bone health
  4. If you see Dipotassium Phosphate on the ingredient list it should be a big warning sign that the food in that package is heavily processed and may be harmful to your health. 

We’re still learning about how dipotassium phosphate impacts human health when added to our food but one thing is for sure, it’s worth avoiding. We’ve been here before. The FDA thought sugar, trans fat, and carrageenan were safe, but we later learned that wasn’t the case.  Well, common sense says - it’s an ingredient we’d rather do without in our diet.  

And that’s why, you guessed it, you’ll NEVER find dipotassium phosphate in Goodmylk Co products.