Empowerment Guru: Lizzie Alberga

On Feb 23, 2021

Meet Lizzie, the founder, and CEO of Collective Gain, an empowerment platform that provides holistic corporate coaching programs. They do this through whole-human executive coaching and soul-centered intuitive modalities - working with all aspects of a human being.

We reached out to Lizzie to help us get centered and upgrade our remote workspace, both physically and mentally. We're so pumped to have her hanging with the Goodmylk community this week to share her favorite rituals, tips, and tools of the trade. Get to know her below:

GM: What is the story behind Collective Gain? 
LA: I was a corporate marketing executive and began to burn out. The mentors, friends, and peers I went to for support were in the same boat. When I found holistic coaching it totally changed my perspective of work, life and myself. I found it to be so powerful and yet so few had access. I created Collective Gain to bring high-quality, private and holistic coaching to everyone. Support from a coach transform how we experience work and life. Now we are 4 years in and have helped hundreds of people with 1:1 coaching and thousands with our free courses and community calls.

GM: Where does the name Collective Gain come from? 
LA: Devine download! I was trying to come up with a name and over 2 days brainstormed over 40 names. Every single one was taken.  I gave up, went to bed and asked for help. “Please help me find a name.” I shot out of bed at 6:30 am with COLLECTIVE GAIN in my mind’s eye. I ran downstairs, looked it up and it was available! In case you have forgot, we live in a magical place where support is available at any time.

GM: What is one piece of advice you would give to other female entrepreneurs?  
LA: Stay true to yourself. Stop comparing and do you. Our power comes from our authenticity, our quirks, our emphasis ones beliefs… create from this place and be generous. When you create from your heart and have generosity in your spirit you can’t lose. Oh, and keep going. You’ll want to quit many times, but remember when you take inspired action you can’t lose.

GM: What is your favorite part of your role at Collective Gain? 
LA: I love sharing my stories of growth, challenge and new perspectives with our community. And when our community joins our monthly calls to share theirs I just melt. We have forgotten the power and joy of deep human connection. Below the surface and deep into the core of who we are. Sharing from this place and connecting with others from this place is my very favorite thing. I get to do this with my coaching clients each week. Doing this with our community, strangers until we connect, reminds me of the power of heart-centered connection.

GM: Who is your favorite female boss? or female-owned brand (outside of Goodmylk)?
LA: Mother fucking nature. She’s a badass boss that keeps me inspired and has no fear with what she plans to create next. She will prevail, no matter what, and has for millennia. In human form, I admire and adore Stephanie Leah of @therootpause. She is a professional listener on our team at Collective Gain and is a gardening coach assisting people in responding to climate change from the spiritual and the practical. She is warm, loving, honest, good-hearted, proactive, tells you like it is, and keeps going, sharing, and evolving.