Glyphosates: Likely cause cancer

On Oct 21, 2020

We hate to be the bearer of bad news but you deserve to know; some of your favorite foods may be highly dangerous to consume.  

Love cereal, pasta, bread, oat milk?! Of course you do! But if you're consuming non-organic versions of those things, you’re also consuming a dangerous carcinogen- glyphosate (aka Roundup). Whether you realize it or not, the pesticides used to grow non-organic foods need to be factored into our health as much as any of the ingredients listed on the nutrition label (and, in our opinion, SHOULD be listed on the nutrition label).  

Let’s talk about one in particular: GLYPHOSATE- the key ingredient in Roundup and deemed by many studies to “likely cause cancer.” Glyphosates are a problem for all non-organic ingredients but they’re most dangerous in grain crops like oat, wheat, barley, soy, flax, canola, sunflower, and beans. This is because conventional farmers of these crops spray an additional blanket of glyphosates onto the crop right before harvest in order to kill the oats, soy, wheat, corn etc. for easier drying.  This is incredibly dangerous and guarantees a hearty dose of herbicide makes its way into the bellies of consumers. However, farmers are not to blame. In fact, they’re the ones facing the most severe consequences. Monsanto/Bayer the maker of Roundup has marketed the herbicide as “safe” and biodegradable, making farmers believe the use of it is no big deal. FAKE NEWS people. 


The World Health Organization and the State of California have both classified glyphosate as a probable carcinogen. There are studies proving it’s an endocrine disruptor linked to birth defects and reproductive problems AND could contribute to liver disease, kidney disease, Parkinson's disease and more.  All of that can happen from consuming it. Now imagine breathing it in, getting it directly on your skin, clothes, belongings and taking that contamination home to your family. The EPA estimates that 10,000-20,000 farmworkers are harmed by acute pesticide poisoning every year- this doesn’t account for the long term effects of being exposed day after day. US farmworkers die at a rate 7x higher than the rate of other workers.  


Have you ever watched a small plane spray pesticides over a field of crops?  If so you probably quickly realized that the entire community is impacted by that nasty spray. It blows through the air into homes, schools, playgrounds, and contaminates the food and water supply. There have been studies showing the devastating effects Roundup has on bees and monarch butterflies. And one would have to imagine, based on that information that no creature is safe once exposed to this nasty herbicide.  

So what you can you to avoid glyphosates? Easy! Eat Organic. Organic farmers are not allowed to use glyphosates at any point in the growing, harvesting or production process. Support companies, farmers and brands that don’t use glyphosates (or any pesticides) and vote with your dollar.  Policy makers and big food companies are motivated by money, not your wellbeing. Let’s motivate them to do better. And we know, organic is expensive. We hope this will be different someday and organic will just be the norm.  But this is your health we’re talking about. The health of your children and family members. It’s hard to put a price on that. Plus, our guess is that cancer is way more expensive. We’re doing our part to support the move away from glyphosates by supporting organic farmers and farming practices and ALWAYS choosing organic and glyphosate free. Dump that non-organic oat milk down the drain (there’s all kinds of other nasty junk in it anyway- more to come on that) and upgrade to Super Oat for oat mylk that’s truly good for you. 

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