How to create a moment of Ritual for your Unique Beauty

On Sep 21, 2022



As the wheel turns to Autumn temperatures begin to cool, and the Earth around us begins to calm and soften. This slowness inspires our own bodies to return to a season of release and re-claiming of comfort. It is the perfect time to drop into a new, or re-invigorate, a skincare ritual.

Daily, our skin delivers little moments of communication. Often during the cooler months, we may battle dehydration, ‘tired’ looking skin, or even notice that our inflammatory reactions can become more common. To help soothe your mind in these moments, I hope to help you re-imagine your Autumn Skincare RITUAL with added tenderness and awareness, so that you feel empowered in your skin, come what may!

Sure, feeling vibrant and joyful in one’s skin seems to begin with epic skincare products. Many of us can stand behind that to a large degree. However, when we combine the power of nourishing products WITH thoughtful engaging of our senses, we intentionally open ourselves up in some very inspiring ways. By stimulating your awareness to explore aromatics, texture or even giving yourself a loving caress while applying a product, we begin to glow in a way that can only come from within. It is in these intimate moments of BEING that a UNIQUE and BEAUTIFUL lens to ourselves begins to appear and open us up to what RITUAL authentically adds to one’s skincare practice.

As a SENSORY exercise to create a moment of RITUAL
Some of you may be thinking, “I rarely have extra time, and now you want me to add a few steps? HA!” If that is the case, explore this path at your own pace. The last thing I want you to feel is pressured, or rushed. While I can appreciate anyone who wants to luxuriate in their skincare, bringing intention into your day doesn’t have to take more than a few added minutes of time. With practice, you will be able to drop into this space easily and benefit from a deeper appreciation for, and knowledge of, your skin.

Choose your favorite natural skincare cleanser, toner and moisturizer and engage in this meditative process with each product individually in the order you normally would use them. Remember this is an experience- keep it light, fun and interesting. Let your SENSES share new feels and maybe some secrets too.

-Close your eyes and hold the bottle against your chest.
-Feeling the connection to your body, try to relax your mind and tune into your breathing. Try to imagine a warm glow connecting you to your breath.
-Breathe in and release for a few beats until you feel your body begin soften.

-Opening your eyes, open or disperse a small amount of product. TUNE INTO YOUR SENSES.
-How does the product itself feel? What does it smell like? Is it soothing your mind, or does it light up your imagination? Or is it possibly bringing awareness to how you want your skin to feel? 

Hold onto that thought, feeling or experience.

-Apply your product, while bringing awareness to the way it makes the skin itself feel.
-Does it offer warmth, or tingling? Do you feel an instant uplift or soothing comfort?
-Working with a cleanser or moisturizer, pay attention to areas of tension in the face. Give them some added love with a few seconds of massage until you rinse, or until fully absorbed.

Putting a hand on the heart and one on the abdomen. Either looking into the mirror, or closing your eyes- tune into your breathing. Is it invigorated or slow? Tune into your body and mind. Do you feel a sense of care, of peace, of calm? As you breathe in and out, reflect on your experience. When we spend a moment of presence and exploration with ourselves, it often brings things to the surface that we didn’t realize we were holding onto, or in some cases alerts us to something we may be resisting. Allow a moment of gratitude for what you have discovered. Take another breath and move that energy forward into your day or night.

However you choose to go deeper, know it counts and YOU DESERVE to feel empowered by these moments of intention and ritual. Whatever calls to you, may you flow into any seasonal shift, by taking moments to engage with your skin and celebrate your UNIQUE BEAUTY daily.

As a skincare business owner and formulator, I believe Beauty isn't only about our skin. At Fruits to the Roots, we believe in RITUAL CONNECTIVITY that encourages you to embrace balance in your daily life. By curating skin offerings that empower your Unique Being with mindfulness & intention, embracing that balance can become almost instinctual.

Guest blog by Lauren Dodge

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