Q&A with Goodmylk Co. Founder Brooke Harris

On Apr 14, 2021

Why alt-mylk? We sat down with our founder Brooke & got into the nitty-gritty of the alt-mylk industry, and why it needs to be disrupted.


Why the alt-mylk industry?
It desperately needs disruption.  Through my own wellness journey I realized just how bad the current options on the market are AND not only are they not healthy but they're actually making people sick. As a food that's a staple in people's home I knew it was time to make a better option available.   

What makes Goodmylk different?
So many things!  But at the end of the day I would say the care we put into our products to make sure they are the very best is our biggest differentiator. We use only the best, real food and organic ingredients and use unique formats like frozen and powder to make sure we never have to compromise the end product.    

Biggest inside-industry secret?
The way current commercial oat milks process their oats is actually a really scary thing- and not something you can tell by the label. They use enzymes to break down the oats and it turns them into maltose- an incredibly dangerous sugar.  Making drinking a glass of oat milk worse than drinking a glass of coca-cola.  

Your go-to Goodmylk product and recipe?
Ha. I have too many!  I use Goodmylk several times a day.  Our Pure Almond over cereal, our Almond Latte Creamer in my matcha latte and on a really good day I turn our Original Almond Concentrate (while still frozen) into homemade ice cream.  I guess you could say I'm definitely an almond mylk girl.  

What's the future of Goodmylk hold?
We are hoping to really lead the way in a new plant-based movement that proves you don't have to compromise ingredients, quality, taste or performance to have a successful company or brand. Give the customer what they deserve- real food that nourishes them and tastes good- and we all win.