Rebel Friday: Dawn Russel, the founder of 8Greens

On Jul 2, 2020

Rebel Friday!

Featuring Dawn Russel, the founder of @8Greens. She is a cancer survivor and super mom who is on the road to educate people about the most important greens and how to get them in their diet in an easy, quick, and tasty way! We are so excited to share her interview with you! 



GM: What norm is your business breaking?

DR: It is possible to have top quality, cost-friendly, and convenience in one product 

8Greens is made from real greens which to make was originally priced at over $100.

I fought tirelessly to get it to $14 so any and everyone could afford health. It should not be elitist.



GM: What’s your WHY?

DR: My WHY is to get more greens into absolutely everyone. The CDC report states that 89% of Americans do not get the minimum daily recommended greens, which is about a cup a day. That deeply troubled me because I saw first hand what greens can really do when I had cancer at age 25. But no matter how important greens are, if it does not taste good, no one will stick with it. And then for me, having no sugar was paramount because excess sugar to camouflage the tase presents a whole new problem I did not want to contribute to. Made myself quite the challenge to make tasty greens with no sugar. But we got there, 262 prototypes later.



GM: Whats your favorite rule to break? 

DR: Anytime I hear No, that means go work harder Dawn. “No” is my favorite rule to break



GM: What’s a rule you’ve broken that you’ve never told anyone about?

DR: I acted and believed like I knew what I was doing when manufacturers told me I was crazy to try and make greens taste good with no sugar. I just vehemently told them they were wrong but had no idea how to achieve it.  



GM: What’s your advice for future rule-breakers?

DR: Believe in yourself always. And have a great friend/partner/someone you can go to when you do not.