Rebel Friday featuring Jamie, the gal behind @girlswhoeat

On Dec 17, 2020


Rebel Friday featuring Jamie, the gal behind @girlswhoeat. Jamie is a certified health coach who helps women make healthy and smart food & beverage choices. She creates amazing simple recipes and promotes other female-founded brands - what's not to love?

Check out our interview with this guru below:

GM: What norm is your business breaking?
JK: The norm my business is breaking is that I share my clean eating lifestyle on my platforms with a focus on food as medicine. I was diagnosed with a rare disease two years ago and am now on lifelong medication. When I got diagnosed, I was at my rock bottom. I shifted to  healthy and clean eating and 2 years later I feel like a new person. I know that my clean eating plays a significant part in this. A very high percentage of the US is sick or overweight and a lot of this has to do with the processed foods we eat and the unhealthy and sometimes dangerous ingredients in our food. I have strict rules around the ingredients in brands I work with and what I put into my recipes to ensure that I am sharing food that will help my audience feel good!

GM:What's your WHY?
JK: I became a certified health coach and learned about the ways food impacts our bodies and how people cured disease through food. I want to help people eat better and healthier so they can feel their best selves. I want to share my journey with others so they can benefit from clean eating and be more knowledgeable about the decisions they make around ingredients in their food products.There are so many benefits to eating a clean diet and using whole foods to heal ourselves and feel better.

GM: What's your favorite rule to break on the reg?
JK: Doing my own research around the medications that doctors may recommend. Most doctors are not certified in nutrition and often prescribe medication as a quick fix without figuring out the root cause of the problem.  Doctors often look at one symptom, rather than our bodies as a holistic unit. I like to make my own informed decisions around medication (since I am already on lifelong drugs for my rare disease) and see if there are natural alternatives.

GM: What's a rule you've broken that you've never told anyone about?
JK: I wore something once, kept the tag on the item, and returned it.

GM: What's your advice for future rule-breakers?
JK: Take risks, be true to yourself, and always always always listen to your gut!

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