Rebel Friday featuring, Mimi, the founder of @freetheocean

On Dec 4, 2020
Rebel Friday featuring, Mimi, the founder of @freetheocean. FTO gives everyone the opportunity to have a daily impact on the issue of plastic pollution. Simply by answering the daily trivia question, you fund the removal of a piece of plastic from the ocean and coastlines. The FTO community has helped remove over 9 million pieces of plastic. How awesome is that?!

We're pumped for you to get to know Mimi, check out our interview with this guru below.

GM: What norm is your business breaking?
MA: The norm that making a difference costs money. We give anyone, anywhere, the opportunity to have a daily impact on plastic pollution - for free. Free the Ocean has built a virtual bridge from a 30-send no-cost investment from people who care to real-life dollars for activists on the ground fighting for a sustainable planet.

GM: What's your WHY?
MA: I want to be part of positive change in the world, working with a community of individuals who feel the sam - giving back to the planet through my work is very important to me, and that is my 'why'.

GM: What's your favorite rule to break on the reg?
MA: The rule that if someone says no, stop trying. I take a 'no' and I see how it can be turned into a 'yes' or, a maybe. Maybe is a step in the right direction!

GM: What's a rule you've broken that you've never told anyone about?
MA: Hmm - if working as late and as hard as you can is a rule, I have definitely broken that rule. I can't focus past about 6 pm, so I tend to start working early in the morning. Plus, taking the time for breaks and self-care always ends up making me more productive.

GM: What's your advice for future rule-breakers?
MA: Trust yourself. Listen to the advice of loved ones and role models, but don't base your actions on their opinions. Take the time to get to know yourself and what you need... then, you will know what rules are worth breaking.