Rebel Friday: Lucas Philips, the CPO of BrewBike

On Aug 20, 2020
Rebel Friday!
Featuring Lucas Philips, the CPO of BrewBike. Lucas started BrewBike with a group of undergraduates at Northwestern in 2015. It was too hard to great coffee on campus so they built their own solution to serve high-quality cold brew to their classmates. Fast forward to today, this student-run model has expanded to four campuses and has a thriving online store. Lucas is now the Chief Product Officer at BrewBike and leads product development for the company's e-comm and campus businesses. Yes...that means he's in charge of coming up with all of the delicious flavors. Check out our interview with him below: 

GM: What norm is your business breaking?
LP: Not only do we strive to equip students with the skills to run a business, we give them a seat at the table. Because the measure of a company’s success shouldn’t be its valuation, but its democratization. A chance to make an impact. Where we all make decisions that will bolster our business and our shared progress.

GM: What's your WHY?
LP: Radically changing the future of business, for the future of all of us.

GM: What's your favorite rule to break on the reg?
LP: I skipped class to work on BrewBike as much as I could while still passing.

GM: What's your advice for future rule-breakers?
LP: Think less, do more.