Ultra Processed Foods. 

On Feb 8, 2021

Did you know most store-bought plant-based milks are considered ultra processed foods?

Let’s start from the beginning. There are 3 categories, as we see it, when it comes to labeling the final form of the foods we consume. Unprocessed/minimally processed, processed and ultra processed. What are the differences?

Unprocessed/minimally processed: This is food in it’s natural or close to natural state. They may be slightly altered by crushing drying or freezing but overall they are real food ingredients in their natural or slightly adjusted form.  They are whole foods that have the vitamins and nutrients still intact.  Aka GOODMYLK products.  These foods should make up most (if not all) of your diet.  

Processed Foods: These foods are changed from their natural state- usually made by adding salt, sugar, oil or another substance. Often found in cans like tuna, canned fruits, syrups and include most bread products.  Not ideal in large amounts but small bits here and there in a balanced diet should be fine. 

Ultra Processed Foods: These are the scary ones (and make up over 50% of what most people consume). These are made from little to no real food ingredients and are mostly made from substances extracted from foods like fats, sugars, oils, starches and hydrogenated fats.  They also contain added ingredients like sugar, flavoring, salt, fats, preservatives and artificial coloring.  They are highly dangerous, contain no nutritional value and contribute to many severe health conditions. AND 99% of the other alt-milks on the market fall into this category.  

Processing is a confusing thing to understand, especially when we're up against clever marketing.  

It’s easy to know to avoid soda, hot dogs and candy but even the most educated consumer may not have guessed that the plant-based milk in their refrigerator was a highly processed and dangerous food. 

So next time you go to grab a product off the supermarket shelves- especially an alt milk ask yourself these questions: 

Is this made of only real food ingredients? 
Do I know how these ingredients get to this form?
Are there added sugars, oils, flavoring, preservatives?
Is this a product I would expect to be refrigerated and perishable but it’s not?

OR forget the other alt-milks all together and just choose Goodmylk. Never processed and always real food only baby.