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Good Coffee
Deserves Goodmylk

Your best days are fueled by coffee, so why put just anything in it?
Especially when you can elevate it to be creamy AF, so frothy,
and with only a few clean ingredients.
That’s the wonder of Goodmylk alt-milks & creamers. 


Unlike all the other alt-milks out there, our unique alt-mylks are made simply, pure, and delicious with none of the shortcuts. Your coffee will thank you. 

Comes in Almond Mylk, Super Oat Mylk, or Hemp Mylk.

Adaptogenic Activated Creamers

Add a super boost of creamy goodness to your coffee with a special blend that delivers youth, longevity, and clarity. These creamers are just as good in your morning latte as they are in your non-dairy affogato. 

Comes in Almond and Super Oat. 

Beloved By Baristas

Why? Because Goodmylk creamers and alt-mylks come alive in coffee, actually frothing, foaming, and flavoring coffee like no other alt-milk can. That’s why baristas demand us in their cafes, and why we couldn’t be more proud.

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What's In Your Coffee?

Coffee shouldn’t just wake you up, it should enliven your day and make you feel good. That’s why we make every cup better than the rest. 

All the Goodness

We’re proudly pouring dairy alternatives that are plant-based, organic, keto-friendly, low glycemic & gluten-free.

None of the Nonsense

We leave out all the weird stuff so you get zero fillers, binders, oils, thickeners, emulsifiers, preservatives, or processed anything. 

No Mo' Foam-O

We love a flat-white, but typical alt-milks and creamers will leave your lattes feeling...well, flat. But Goodmylk foams
and froths just like dairy! 

A Few of Our Favorite Ingredients 

Certified Organic Sprouted Almonds 

Known for boosting antioxidants, amino acids, and B vitamins while encouraging absorption of vitamins and minerals, turning any cup into sips of superfoods.  

Tiger Nuts (Tubers, Not Nuts!)

No worries, allergy-sufferers out there, tiger nuts are not actually nuts, but they do create
a creamy, naturally sweet milk, perfect
for horchatas.

Certified Gluten-Free Oats

A super source of important vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants, which is why we call our oat mylk and creamer Super Oat!


A natural sweetener to replace those pesky processed sugars in other non-dairy milks. Just all-around good sweetness you can love.


The product is really good and I now refuse to buy the nonsense Oatly types.

- Ward

That Super Oat is FANTASTIC, seriously, it is amazing. I could chug full glasses of it, it truly is delicious.

- Fahad

Absolutely the best tasting almond milk I have ever had. And great to know that it is also the purest as well.

- Nathan

Finally, alt-mylk I can get behind! Good quality, delicious non-dairy milks that don't have a ton of ingredients.

- Whitney N.

Other Ways to Better Your Coffee